American turbit club
American Turbit Club


Organized 1897

The American Turbit Club is dedicated to the education and advancement of the Turbit pigeon. The Turbit is a unique show type pigeon of ancient heritage, whose origin goes back to the Orient: commonly known today as Asia Minor or more specifically Turkey.

The Turbit’s marking pattern, white body, flights and tail with colored wing coverts, has become synonymous with its name. (For a complete description of the Turbit see the Standard and Ideal Drawing.)

The American Turbit Club sponsors Turbits at an Annual Show and Meeting, District Shows and Young Bird Shows throughout the year. The Annual Show rotates between the three districts, East, Central and West.

The American Turbit Club has a “Master Breeder” program and members are eligible for “MB” points at all sponsored ATC Shows per our Club Constitution & By-laws.

For information on membership in the American Turbit Club please check the “Contacts” page.

For additional publications available on Turbits and other short-beaked breeds and varieties, check out the “Classic Pigeon Books For Sale” page listed above.

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